Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Youth Group Fundraiser Ideas

Operation Elf

Students provide free baby-sitting for parents to go shopping and prepare for the holidays. Students could also do gift-wrapping on another night or instead of baby-sitting. Charge per child or per gift.

Food Bars

After-church salad bar, sub bar, baked potato bar, taco bar, ice cream bar, etc. Charge per person or per family.

Dinner Theatre

Youth put on a play and serve dinner, sell tickets


Students place pink plastic flamingos in people’s yards, and leave an advertisement for flamingo removal. Flamingos are removed for a donation. Another way you can do it is that someone makes a donation in order to have the flamingos placed in someone else’s yard. It’s a great way for the congregation to prank their friends.

Chore Auction

Auction teens or groups of teens out to do chores for an afternoon

Romantic Bistro

Teens cook and wait tables for a couples’ date night at the church. Make sure to decorate the fellowship hall to make it special.

Yard Sale

Church members donate items. Teens keep the proceeds from whatever they sell and take the remaining items to the thrift shop.

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