Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Youth Sunday School on Matthew 1:1-17 – Jesus’ Family Tree

A great youth Sunday School for introducing the the New Testament in general, or the Book of Matthew in particular.

Needed: (Optional – The Visual Bible, your own family tree, a family tree template and pencils for each student)

Lesson: I like to start by showing the passage from The Visual Bible. It’s a word-for-word dramatization of the Scripture.

Have the students take turns reading Matthew 1:1-17.

Ask students, why do you think that list of names is in the Bible? Why is it important?

Seeing who Jesus’ ancestors were shows us that Jesus was a real person. He isn’t a make-believe character in a story. He was a real person. We know who His family was. We know a lot of things about them.

Read through the list again. What names do you recognize? What can you tell me about them?

(Facilitate discussion on notable persons. It doesn’t have to be in-depth. Just try to jog students’ memories of a few of the people mentioned.)

When we read the Bible, it is very careful to tell us as much as it can about people and places so that we will know that it is real. When we read the Bible, we aren’t just reading cool stories. We’re reading history.

Activity: Making Your Family Tree – To help students remember that Jesus was a real person in history, who came from real people in history, show them your family tree and have them make one of their own.

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