Tuesday, July 16, 2013

God's Gentleness - Youth Sunday School Lesson on 1 Kings 19:1-19

Brief: God wants to reveal Himself to us, and He does so in subtle ways.

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Scripture: 1 Kings 19:1-19

Why does Elijah go to Beersheba?  How is he feeling? 

He is afraid.  God has not commanded him to go.  He’s ready to give up.  He wants to die.  He thought that his big victory at Mount Carmel would settle things, and now, he’s disappointed.

In light of all the miracles and the powerful ways in which Elijah has seen God work, is Elijah’s actions and attitude in this passage justifiable?  Why or why not?

After the miraculous ways in which Elijah has seen God work, he should not worry about his own life.  He should know that God can protect him from the rulers, as He had done before when Ahab wanted to kill him.  Elijah has simply lost his faith in God’s protection for a moment. We sometimes doubt, too, but we should remember God’s faithfulness.

Even though Elijah has temporarily lost faith in God’s protection, what does verses 5-8 tell us about how God deals with such situations?

Though Elijah has lost faith in God’s protection, God is still faithful to Elijah to give him what he needs.

Why does God ask, “What are you doing here, Elijah?”

God is confronting Elijah.  It’s like asking, “What do you think you’re doing?”  or, “Why did you do that?”  God wants Elijah to know that he was wrong for doubting.

How does God ultimately meet Elijah’s need?

God gives Elijah a fresh revelation of Himself.  There is nothing to lift the spirits like a new encounter with God.  This is the same thing that God did with Job.  When Job was feeling depressed, God did not explain why things happened the way they did.  He simply allowed Job to experience His presence in a way that he never had before.

Why does God show Elijah such powerful things as the wind, the earthquake, and the fire before revealing Himself in a gentle whisper?

Elijah was used to seeing God work in powerful ways.  This is what he expected, but when we hear God’s gentle whisper in our hearts, it speaks louder than anything else.  When we have a personal moment with God, it is sweeter and more life-changing than any outward sign that He could perform.  God’s whisper in our souls is what changes our lives.

Why does God tell Elijah that there are “seven thousand in Israel” who are still faithful to God?

Elijah has been saying that he is the only one left who is faithful to God.  God wants to encourage him by telling him that he’s not alone.

After God has revealed Himself to Elijah and refreshed his soul, what does God do?  And what is Elijah’s reaction?  (Hint: Look in verses 15, 16, 19)

God again commands Elijah to go do His work.  After being refreshed by God, Elijah is ready to go do what God has commanded him to do.

What evidence is there in this passage of God communicating with people?

Elijah is fed by the angel.  God speaks to Elijah throughout almost the entire passage.

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  1. Thanks for thought provoking questions. We are looking at days of Elijah with our young people. Very helpful post.

  2. Thanks, Davina! May God's Spirit be with your spirit as you teach!