Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Satan Enters Judas – The Truth Behind Demon Possession - Youth Sunday School on John 13:18-30

Needed: (Optional: The Visual Bible)

Show the passage from The Visual Bible if you have it. If not, skip down to the reading.

Have your students take turns reading John 13:18-30.

Read verse 27 again. Say, this verse says that Satan entered into Judas. How did that happen? What do you think it would be like to have Satan enter into you?

Can Satan or a demon enter into anyone they want to?

The unclean spirit is driven out of a person, but then goes right back because the place was empty. There was room for him to go back. But what if there wasn’t room? What if, when the unclean spirit went back, there was someone else living there? Could the demon go in?

Demons or Satan can’t go into Christians because Christians already have God’s Holy Spirit living inside them. When a demon or Satan tries to go into a Christian, the Holy Spirit blocks them and won’t let them in.

But what about people who aren’t Christians? Can Satan or demons enter them?

Why was Satan able to enter Judas?

Judas had decided to betray Jesus. He had made a decision to turn against God and therefore opened himself up to Satan. By acting against God, Judas was showing that he was following Satan instead of God.

(Read Romans 6:16.)

We’re either slaves of God, or we’re slaves of sin. We choose to obey one or the other. If we choose to sin, we open ourselves up to Satan and demons. If we choose to follow God, God is the one living in us, guiding us, and protecting us from Satan and the demons.

So the choice is yours. Who would you rather obey? Who would you rather be opening yourself to? God or Satan?

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