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The 5th Quarter Movie Bible Study

Use this Bible Study as you watch the movie, The 5th Quarter. Time signatures mark the approximate place at which I suggest pausing the movie and discussing.

The 5th Quarter
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*11:50 - The dad keeps going around every obstacle to get to his wounded son. What, in Scripture, does this remind you of?

It reminds me of God coming to look for us. God is our Heavenly Father and before we are saved, we are like His wounded children. God, in the form of Jesus, came down and did everything He could to find us and bring us back to Himself, even dying on the cross for us.

(Read Luke 15 in part or in whole to illustrate the way God/Christ looks for us.)

*15:55 – The pastor gives the mother the Bible to read. Why would someone to choose to read Scripture when they’re going through a hard time?

Reading the Bible reminds us that God is with us, and will comfort us.

*25:00 – The family decides to make Luke an organ donor. The family has to give Luke up so that others can be saved. Does this remind you of anything in the Bible?

(Read John 3:16.)

God sent Jesus, gave Jesus up, to die for us so that we could be saved.

*40:00 – The mom is drinking wine, John is drinking beer. What do you all think about drinking alcohol? Is it right or wrong?

(Use this Bible Study on Alcohol to lead a discussion on the topic.)

If God doesn’t command us not to drink, why do some Christians not drink any alcohol?

Considering the dangers and temptations of alcohol, many Christians believe it is best to avoid it altogether just to be safe.

John wonders, If God is so good, why does He let bad things happen to good people? Why did He let Luke die? What do you think about that? Why does God let bad things happen?

(Use this Bible Study on How God Acts as an activity and discussion guide.)

*47:30 – John is working out, getting back in shape. Does our physical fitness have anything to do with God?

(Use this Bible Study on How to Worship God Physically to lead a discussion on physical health as a spiritual discipline.)

*53:30 – The coach tells John that we still don’t know how to deal with death, but that’s a fact of life. I wonder, though, why do we die? And why are people so afraid of death?

(Use this Bible Study on Why We Die and this one on Why We Fear Death to lead a discussion.)

*1:23:30 – The coach says that the Eskimos were tougher because they were prepared for the difficulties they were going to face. What kinds of difficulties might we face, and how we, as Christians, prepare for those difficulties so that we can show ourselves to be strong when difficulties arise?

(Read John 16:33.)

Jesus tells us that we will have troubles in life. We have to know that bad things will happen. But we can also know and take comfort in the fact that those troubles we face are not the end. Jesus has overcome the world, and one day, we will live with Him in a world where there is no trouble. If we remember that hope that we have in Him, we can have peace even in the midst of our troubles.

*End – Jon got his whole team and school to honor Luke’s memory. The entire movie was dedicated to Luke. The family started a foundation in Luke’s memory. Luke’s death made an impact on people and he was remembered.

Here’s my question to you: How do you want to be remembered when you die? What do you want people to say about you? The way you live makes an impact on people, and you will be remembered either more positively or more negatively. Live your life, starting today, in a way that will make the most positive impact on people that you can, and then let your outstanding, upstanding moral life be your legacy, what you leave behind for people to remember you by.


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