Saturday, January 18, 2014

Genesis 18:1-15 Youth Sunday School

Refer to my Most Effective Way to Teach a Youth Bible Study

Discussion points:

- Going Out of Your Way for Others - Abraham had no idea who the three visitors were, but he went out of his way to serve them. What is your attitude toward people? Do you see them as annoyances, people to use to get what you want, or as opportunities to practice humility and servanthood?

- God DOES the Impossible - Sarah was past the age of childbearing and had never given birth before, but God says it will happen. God is not limited by what normally is or by the human barriers we see. Being God, He is above and in control of everything. Sometimes, He acts and does what doesn't seem possible.

- Can't Lie to God - Sarah lies about her doubts and God calls her out. God hears everything we say, see everything we do, and knows everything we think. But rather than that being a scary thing, it's a comforting thing. The God who works miracles is always aware of what we're going through. He knows our fears and our doubts and He's right there with us in them. God doesn't let us get away with stuff, but He never leaves our side either. When you have a God like that, a God who is on your side all the time, why would you want to try to hide anything from Him? Instead, You should simply want to surrender to His powerful care.

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