Friday, February 28, 2014

Genesis 7 Youth Sunday School Lesson

Discussion Points:

- The Cycle of Submission and Reward - God saved Noah from the Flood because of he was living righteously. He had submitted his life to God's Lordship over his life and was rewarded for it. In the same way, if we live under the Lordship of Christ and submit our lives to Him, we will be saved. God will find us righteous in our generation, just as He did Noah in his. But after Noah is saved, God continues to give him instructions, and Noah continues to submit. When God tells him to take the animals with him, the Scripture says that Noah did all that the Lord commanded him to do. So it is in the Christian life. God will give us instructions, reward us, and then give us more instructions. We are never finished submitting our life to God, and God is never finished rewarding us for our faithful service. Have you submitted your life to Christ's Lordship? How has He rewarded you in the past? How is He continuing to bless your life now? What new instructions is He giving you today?

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