Friday, January 9, 2015

Devotion on Genesis 6 - "Had Corrupted Their Ways"

Scripture: Genesis 6:12
God saw how corrupt the earth had become, for all the people on earth had corrupted their ways.

Strangely, this statement from Genesis 6:12 gives me hope.

It tells me that I'm not merely a victim of my situation or condition or surroundings.

It tells me that I'm in control.

What I mean is that the Scripture doesn't say that all the people became corrupt because Satan corrupted them or their sinful nature corrupted them or they were born with no choice but to be corrupted or that everyone else was corrupt, so they had to be corrupt too.

No, the Scripture says that the people were corrupt because THEY had corrupted their ways.

Yes, we face outside temptation from Satan and the demons. We do have an enemy to fight against. Yes, we face inside temptation from our sinful nature. We are prone to selfishness and other sins. Yes, we have disadvantages that we were born with biologically and disadvantages in our surroundings and the people we know.

But we also have a choice as to whether or not we allow those things to corrupt us or not. We can stand up to temptation, and we can overcome our conditions and situations. Ultimately, the only person who can corrupt my ways is me, and I choose not to be corrupted, no matter what the temptation or situation.

How about you? What choice will you make?

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