Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Bible Study on Galatians 2 - Participant Preparation

This Bible Study on Galatians 2 will help you discover Paul's motives for visiting Jerusalem and what his message was to the Galatian Christians. It will also help you understand the role of the Old Testament Law in the life of the Christian.

Bible Study on Galatians 2

Read Galatians 2:1-5.

Why did Paul go to Jerusalem?

Did Paul doubt his work among the the Gentiles, telling them that they didn't have to become Jewish to be Christians?

Paul says that he wanted to make sure he wasn't running his race in vain. What does he mean?

Read verse 4 again. How did some people want to make Paul and the churches he started slaves?

What do we know about Barnabas and Titus?

Read verses 6-10.

Did the Jewish Christian leaders agree with Paul that Gentiles did not need to become Jewish to be Christians?

Paul mentions Peter, John, and James. Who were these men?

Why does Paul say that these three were held in high esteem and recognized as pillars in the church?

Why does Paul say that whatever they were made no difference to him?

Have you ever been impressed with another Christian? Intimidated? Why?

If Paul and the Jewish leaders agreed on everything, why did they stay divided in their mission?

Read verse 10 again. Why did the Jewish leaders and Paul both want to help the poor?

Read verses 11-13.

Why did Peter (Cephas) stop eating with Gentiles when some other Jewish believers came to visit?

Have you ever felt like Peter did around other Christians?

Read verse 14.

How did Peter live like a Gentile? 

Read verses 15-17.

How are Jewish and Gentile Christians alike?

Do Christians sin when they don't follow the Old Testament Law? 

Read verses 18-20.

Paul says that through the Law, he died to the Law. What does that mean? 

Read verse 21.

Why did Jesus have to die?

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