Monday, July 16, 2018

Youth Bible Study Lessons

Use these youth Bible studies for your weekly Sunday School, youth group, or small group meetings. You can also use them for retreats or special events. Each lesson that I create includes a student sheet that teens can use to prepare for your sessions ahead of time or take notes while you teach.

Old Testament Youth Bible Study Lessons


The Created Series - 16 lessons on Genesis 1-11 and the Book of Job 

Samuel the PROphet - 8 lessons on the life of Samuel, plus a retreat or mini-series idea for having students write their Spiritual Autobiographies

David, the Mighty Runt - 8 lessons on the life of David up until he becomes king

Elijah, the Bold and Fearful Prophet - 9 lessons on the ministry of Elijah and his legacy in the New Testament

Proverbs, Words to the Wise - 8 lessons from the book of wisdom

"Monk Training"a retreat idea for introducing and practicing a variety of spiritual disciplines

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