Friday, December 28, 2018

Hope in Exile!

Hope in Exile! Children’s Sunday School Lessons

Hi, friends! Aren’t you thankful that God is loving enough to always forgive us and powerful enough to always turn our bad situations to good? That’s what He did for the Israelites when they were in Exile!

In this collection, you’ll find:

Warning! – our duty to tell others about God

There is Always Hope with God! – God can raise dry bones and us; He can change any situation

Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego are Brave for God – God gives us the courage to stand for Him

God Makes King Nebuchadnezzar Act Like an Animal – God wants to transform our thinking

The Writing on the Wall – God deserves our respect and obedience

Daniel in the Lions’ Den God is our good King who can protect us

Rebuilding Jerusalem – the need for Christians to work together

Queen Esther – For Such a Time as This – taking advantage of the opportunities God gives us

Each of these lessons include games, simple crafts, and other activities to help kids understand the stories and apply the messages. I’ve also included suggestions for other resources you can use with or instead of these lessons.

Note: All Scripture quotations I’ve included are from the NIV, but feel free to use any translation you prefer.

If you have a mostly younger group, I encourage you to read the narratives yourself for the sake of time, or use the video presentations or illustrated book paraphrases for the stories that are available.

Recommended Extras

You don’t need anything extra to use the lessons. I will, however, provide some suggestions you might find helpful. You can use these resources in addition to or instead of the ideas I’ve provided.

Here are the resources I recommend for the entire series. I’ll list story-specific resources at the end of each lesson.


Find more resources on my Free Children's Sunday School Lessons page!

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