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Kings and Prophets

Kings and Prophets

Children’s Sunday School Lessons

Greetings, shepherds of God’s lambs! I hope you find these lessons about Israel’s history helpful for teaching your young flock. After David, the Kingdoms of Judah and Israel went through quite a rough patch over the next couple of hundred years.

There were two or three good kings during that time, but most of the nations’ leaders led the people away from the Lord and toward their eventual exile. Faithful as God is, though, He never left Himself without a bold witness, and He never stopped trying to reach out to His people. Even in the end, He offered them hope and the promise of forgiveness if they would turn back to Him.

In this collection, you’ll find:
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Solomon, the Wisest King? – Solomon was wise, but he wasn’t very smart when he turned against the true God

The Kingdom Divided! – Rehoboam listened to bad advice from his friends

God Provides for Elijah and Brings a Dead Boy Back to Life – God provides for our needs and answers our prayers

Showdown on Mount Carmel! – God is the only true God!

God Appears to Elijah – God speaks to us in a lot of different ways

Show Respect for God and the Leaders He Chooses – God is in control behind the human leaders

Elisha Heals Naaman for Free, but Gehazi is Greedy – God wants us to help people so that they’ll believe in Him, not so we can get something from them

Elisha is Merciful to His Enemies – Showing love to our enemies

The Prophet Jonah – God gives us all second chances to be more like Him!

King Hezekiah and the Prophet Isaiah – how God answers our prayers

King Josiah and the Case of the Missing Bible – the importance of reading our studying God’s Word

Exiled! – God is always ready to forgive us

Each of these lessons include games, simple crafts, and other activities to help kids understand the stories and apply the messages. I’ve also included suggestions for other resources you can use with or instead of these lessons.

Note: I have included more actual Bible reading in this collection. I found that the stories lend more to reading, and you can have your older students take turns reading the passages. All Scripture quotations I’ve included are from the NIV, but feel free to use any translation you prefer.

If you have a mostly younger group, I encourage you to read the narratives yourself for the sake of time, or use the video presentations or illustrated book paraphrases for the stories that are available.

Recommended Extras

You don’t need anything extra to use the lessons. I will, however, provide some suggestions you might find helpful. You can use these resources in addition to or instead of the ideas I’ve provided.

Here are the resources I recommend for the entire series. I’ll list story-specific resources at the end of each lesson.


Find more resources on my Free Children's Sunday School Lessons page!

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