Sunday, January 20, 2019

The Best Children's Sunday School Lessons on Judges and Ruth

The Judges and Ruth Children’s Sunday School Lessons

Greetings, shepherds of God’s little ones! You’re brave indeed if you’re venturing into the story of the Judges and Ruth because this isn’t a pretty time in Israel’s history. Like all of God’s Word, however, these stories can teach us important lessons.

Here are the main lessons included in this collection:

Ehud the Sneaky Judge – God answers prayer when we turn to Him!

Deborah and Jael, Brave Women of God – we can have confidence in the Lord!

Gideon’s Thankful Faith – we can believe that God will fulfill His promises!

Gideon’s Small Chances – God can do anything, even when it seems unlikely

Samson, God’s Special Follower – God calls us all to be holy to Him

Strong Samson and Devious Delilah – be strong and resist the devil’s temptations

The Story of Ruth – the importance of believing in the real God

I’ve included games, crafts, and other activities in each lesson to help you teach the stories and to help kids apply the lessons to be learned. As always, I’m also including some ideas for additional resources that you can use.

Recommended Extras

You don’t need anything extra to use the lessons. I will, however, provide some suggestions you might find helpful. You can use these resources in addition to or instead of the ideas I’ve provided.

Here are the resources I recommend for the entire series. I’ll list story-specific resources at the end of each lesson.

The Complete Illustrated Children’s Bible – for telling the stories with beautiful artwork and Biblical accuracy

The Beginner’s Bible: Timeless Stories for Children – for telling the stories to younger children

Manga Comic Book: Melech – for your classroom or church library

My Big Book of Bible Heroes Devotional – a devotional to recommend for families or older students

Bible Fun Factory: The Book of Judges – additional or substitutional material for your lessons

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