Monday, March 11, 2019

The Best Followers of Jesus Children's Sunday School Lessons

The Followers of Jesus

The Book of Acts focuses largely on the Apostles Peter and Paul, but there were other first-generation Christians who helped to spread the Good News about Jesus and build His Church.

Followers of the Christ: Children Sunday School Lessons from Acts and the Epistles by [Wilson, Rev. Stephen R.]
Kindle $1.99, Print $4.99
The lessons I’ve included in this volume tell the stories of Stephen and Philip and highlight some of the Apostle John’s writing from his 1st letter and the Revelation.

Each of the 6 lessons in this collection has games, crafts, and other activities to help you teach the stories and to help the kids apply the message. I’m also including a list of resources you might want to add to the lessons to make them that much better.

Lessons Include:

Recommended Extras

You don’t need anything extra to use the lessons. I will, however, provide some suggestions you might find helpful. You can use these resources in addition to or instead of the ideas I’ve provided.

Here are the resources I recommend for the entire series. I’ll list story-specific resources at the end of each lesson.

Greatest Heroes & Legends of Bible: Complete Series

Find more resources on my Free Children's Sunday School Lessons page!

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