Monday, April 29, 2019

Memorial Day Children's Sermon - Remember ALL the Lord's Soldiers

Memorial Day Children' Sermon – 

Remembering ALL the Lord’s Soldiers

Use this Memorial Day children’s sermon to teach kids to honor those who die in military service and those who die in service to the Lord.

Scripture: Psalm 116:15

Needed: a U.S. flag and a Christian flag

Children’s Sermon: Show your American flag and ask students, How many American soldiers do you think have died fighting for our country?

Over 1 million soldiers have died fighting for America. Most of the time, those soldiers have died fighting for our safety or freedom, and we want to remember them for that.

(If you have any relatives or know of anyone who has died while serving in the military, share their story.)

(Show your Christian flag.)

Do you know what this is?

It’s the Christian flag. And just as people died in military service to our country, other people have died in service to Jesus. In fact, 70 million Christians have been killed in other countries just because they believed in Jesus.

We want to remember them, too, because they’re our brothers and sisters in the faith.

(Tell the story of a historical martyr or recent incident involving the persecution and death of Christians. The first martyr was Stephen in Acts 6-7.)

Closing Prayer: Lord, today we remember those who died fighting for what is right and those who died for believing what is right. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Memorial Day Recommended Extras

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 Memorial Day Lesson – a free idea for getting very quiet and dimming the lights as you pretend that your church is meeting in secret. You segue into talking about how those who serve in our military guarantee our freedoms, including our religious freedoms.


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