Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Christian History 1 Course

This is part of the core curriculum for International Online Bible College, but anyone may use this material free of charge. 

Scope of the Course: In this course, you will become familiar with the background and roots of the Early and Medieval Church all the way up to just before the Reformation.

Grading: Your grade will be based on the reflection comments you write for each of the videos below and your completion of the Use Your Gifts final project.


To complete the course...

1. Watch each of the following videos. Assignment: Leave a 100-word comment reflecting on the material in each video - 100 points each. I also encourage you to take notes to keep for your own use.

  1. The Ancient Greek World
  2. The Ancient Roman World
  3. Roman Pagan Life and Worship
  4. Plato, Aristotle, and Stoicism
  5. Early Christian Persecution
  6. The Apostolic Fathers
  7. Christian Apologists and Early Heresies
  8. Gnosticism and the Early Church
  9. Monasticism
  10. Rome and the Third Century Crisis
  11. Diocletian and the Tetrarchy
  12. Constantine the Great
  13. The Byzantine Christian Empire part 1
  14. The Byzantine Christian Empire part 2
  15. Creeds and Councils: What Are They?
  16. Early Church and Trinity: Father and Son
  17. Arius and Nicea
  18. After Nicea
  19. Council of Constantinople
  20. Disputes on Christ: Nestorius and Cyril
  21. Council of Chalcedon
  22. Ambrose and Jerome
  23. Augustine part 1
  24. Augustine part 2
  25. Medieval Overview
  26. The Merovingians
  27. Who was Charlemagne?
  28. The Vikings
  29. Alfred the Great and the Anglo Saxons
  30. Al Andalus Spain
  31. Knights and Chivalry
  32. The First Crusades
  33. Crusades
  34. Medieval Life, Death, and Marriage
  35. Medieval Society
  36. Magna Carta
  37. Black Death
  38. Great Schism
  39. Avignon Papacy
  40. 100 Years War
  41. Papal Schism
  42. Boethius and Christian Philosophy
  43. Aristotle and Scholasticism
  44. Anselm on God: The Ontological Argument
  45. Abelard on the Trinity
  46. Abelard on the Cross
  47. Bernard of Clairvaux
  48. Duns Scotus
  49. Thomas Aquinas part 1
  50. Thomas Aquinas part 2
  51. William of Ockham
  52. John Wycliffe
  53. Jan Hus
  54. Humanism


2. Use Your Gifts (2400 points) 

Choose one topic from this course for your final project. It may be writing a Bible study, recording yourself preaching a sermon, writing a worship song, creating a work of art, writing a research paper on a topic of interest, gathering a list of Bible verses on a certain theme, gathering a list of quotes on a theme, etc. – anything that shows you have engaged with and understood the subject.

Bible Helps may publish your final project as an example to other students and for the edification of our readers. You will be credited as the writer/creator, etc.




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