Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Free Christian Books on Politics - PDF Downloads

Free Christian Books on Politics

Scandalous Witness: A Little Political Manifesto for Christians by Lee C. Camp

Christian identity is in moral and political crisis, scandalized by the many ways in which it has been co-opted and misrepresented. Addressing this painful reality, Lee Camp writes that Christianity in America has been made into a bad public joke because of “our failure to rightly understand what Christianity is.” From this provocative claim, Camp’s manifesto makes the convincing case that a renewed Christian politic is more essential than ever, one that is “neither left nor right nor religious,” but a prophetic way of life modeled after Jesus of Nazareth. Camp’s robust vision exposes modern parodies of faith—the American concept of “Christian values,” for one—and challenges Christians to rethink who they are and how they participate in the modern world. Authentic gospel truth is a scandal to the American myth, he argues, and we are called to be scandalous witnesses.






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