Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Hebrews 4:12 Scripture Meditation by Stephen Taylor

Hebrews 4:12

The word of God is alive and active. 


I was thinking about Hollywood movies the other day and how many different genres there are and how people can’t get enough. Then God started laying some things on me. He was like, “Oh, you’re an action fan. We have that: Joshua and Samson. You like origin stories? Check out Genesis!! Perhaps you like a good drama. Don’t worry; read the story of King David. Or maybe you want a love story where good overcomes evil; then you would love Jesus!!”


My point is that the world is craving this richness, and since they don’t know the Bible, they don’t know it can be found there. They are using cheap imitations to try to fill that need! I think that’s where we as believers have to share more of what is really in the Bible! When I first read the Bible, I called my mom and was like, “I can’t believe how real this book is!” It’s not just some stuffy thing but a story of love, power, salvation, and hope! The world needs more of that right now!


It’s super dark out there, and things are only going to get darker, but we know the Light and can share Him with those around us! God created us and knows that different things grab our attention in different ways, so if you know someone is an action fan, get them hooked on the action parts. It doesn’t matter where you start in the Bible because it all leads to Jesus!!


I love you all, God bless, and glory to God!!




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