Tuesday, June 8, 2021

John 3:17 Scripture Meditation by Stephen Taylor

John 3:17

For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through Him. 


Last night at Bible Study, someone used an illustration about us before we come to know Jesus, and it went something like this: Imagine someone running up to you all bloody, bruised, dirty, clothes all torn, and completely bewildered. You ask them what’s wrong, and they say, “You gotta help me. This guy is chasing me and He won’t stop. He wants to give me a bath, clean my wounds, give me the finest clothes to wear, restore my mind, and give me a life full of love, mercy, grace, and peace!!! You gotta hide me; don’t let Him catch me!!!”


Sounds crazy when he put it that way, but it instantly resonated with me that I did that with Jesus!!! The enemy had me so convinced that there was only judgment, condemnation, and shame at the Cross that I was afraid to go there. But once I got there, I found there was a love so deep, so wide, and so high that not even all the evil and sins of this world could stand against it or change it!!! Imagine my relief when I realized that God was pursuing me to love me, not to condemn me!!!


There was condemnation at the cross, but it wasn’t ours. See, Jesus’ condemnation bought our salvation, and it’s a gift that I cherish more than the breath in my lungs or the heartbeat in my chest. I stood condemned before I ever made it to the cross, but once I made it there, that condemnation turned to salvation, and so can yours!!!


Jesus is chasing you today. Will you turn and let Him catch you???




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