Friday, July 30, 2021

2 Kings 15:10 Devotion by Stephen Taylor

2 Kings 15:10

Shallum, son of Jabesh, conspired against Zechariah. He attacked him in front of the people, assassinated him, and succeeded him as king.


When evil is left unchecked, it grows bolder and bolder. The further the Israelites grew away from God and toward evil, the closer they came to exile. This verse comes shortly before they are exiled for their sin. I can’t help but see our nation when I was reading this. Shallum, much like the nation we live in, didn’t hide his evil deed but did it right out in front of people without care or concern. How much of this is happening in our nation today? How many people are openly defying the Word of God and not thinking twice about it?


What’s worse is that Shallum was an Israelite, and the Israelites were God’s chosen people, His special possession, so I see the Church here as well. I see one of God’s children carrying out the deeds of darkness without a second thought. We are to be set apart, different from this world, because we are not of this world anymore. We have been bought at a high price and are called to live a life worthy of the names “Child of God” and “Bride of Christ”! But do we act like the Bride Christ paid for, or are we still straddling the fence?


This is not a post to beat us up or condemn us, but exactly the opposite. Let us examine ourselves and our lives closely under the microscope of God’s Word and repent and adjust accordingly. God didn’t send the Israelites warnings because it WAS too late but rather sent them warnings before it’s too late, and I believe that we are living in similar times.


Look at the state of the world. We live in a world that just a few short years ago would have seemed like a bad science fiction movie, but now it’s reality, and I believe it’s a wake-up call from the Lord. He is calling His Bride to wash her hands of this world and the flesh and live in the Spirit and in truth! As long as you have breath in your lungs, there is hope for your future, and that hope is found in the hands and feet of our crucified and resurrected King!


Ephesians 5:14 - This is why it is said: "Wake up, sleeper, rise from the dead, and Christ will shine on you."


God bless! I love you all! Glory, Honor, and Praise now and forever to Papa God, Jesus Christ the King, and the Holy Spirit who leads us in the Father’s love!



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