Thursday, July 15, 2021

Jeremiah 2:13 Devotion by Stephen Taylor

Jeremiah 2:13

“My people have committed two sins: They have forsaken me, the spring of living water, and have dug their own cisterns, broken cisterns that cannot hold water.”


Is this us ,Church? Is this message in Jeremiah for us?! Have we traded the eternal God for finite living? As I was reading the first couple chapters of Jeremiah today, it was being poured into me, how we like the Israelites have turned from God and toward ourselves and the things we have created with our hands. I’m so guilty of this on so many levels, and today, I am turning back to the Lord. Today, I choose to serve the Living God, not the dead one I created.


This sin of pride is the same sin since the beginning in the garden. The same one the original creation committed. The prideful desire to be like God! How often I have looked at what I can do instead of who He is! This passage spoke to me today on different levels, but the main question that came to me was, as His children, have we forsaken God and put ourselves in His place?


But don’t lose heart, for the Bible tells us He chastens the one He loves and that His mercies are new every morning!!! Let’s repent and turn back to the open arms of our Father!!! Let’s trade our weaknesses for His strength, our timidity for His boldness, our lying tongues for His honest one, our pride for His humility, and our shame for His salvation!!!


After all that the Lord says about the Israelites in the first 6 chapters, there is a verse that caught my eye and gave me hope. In Jeremiah 6:23, the Lord still refers to them as “Daughter Zion”!!! Even after all they had done, He still considers them family and is still their Father!!! If our Hope is in Jesus, we will never be cast out or put to shame!!! Dying to self and repenting have to be done honestly, humbly, and daily!!!


Be encouraged and be encouraging!!! I love you all, God bless, Glory to God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit!!!




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