Monday, July 26, 2021

Outline of John 1-4 by Lindsey Whyde

Outline of John 1-4

I noticed today that John sets up a nice flow for us to live by through the arrangement of the events he records.


Chapter 1 is an introduction to Jesus where we are offered a chance to believe in Him.


Chapter 2 (first half) is about transformation. We see the water transformed into wine in the same way we as sinners are transformed after meeting Jesus (chapter1) through the blood of His sacrificial forgiveness.


Chapter 2 (second half) Jesus cleanses the Temple. After we meet Jesus, believe in Him, and accept the miraculous transformation He performs in our lives, we must allow Him to cleanse our hearts – clean out our temple and make room for Him. We must allow Him to chase out our sin so we can be holy like He is.


Chapter 3 is an explanation of how and why this happens (born again, God’s love, faith).


Chapter 4 is a story of the woman at the well. It summarizes the messages of 1-3 really nicely. We get practical application here with one more addition: After meeting Jesus and accepting His living water and allowing her heart and mind to be changed/cleansed, we see her evangelizing and spreading the Good News!


The questions John is asking us are: Do we believe in Him? Do we believe He can transform us? Do we allow Him to cleanse us? Do we share what He has done for us so that we may watch the cycle happen in others?




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