Sunday, August 1, 2021

Ephesians 4 Devotions by Stephen Taylor

Ephesians 4:7

But to each one of us, grace has been given as Christ apportioned it.


Grace, for me, can be one of the hardest things to accept at times. I know I need it, I know I can’t earn it, and I know it’s a gift, but yet it’s hard to receive. Grace is what saves us through our faith, but why is it so hard to walk in (Ephesians 2:8-9)?


One thing the Lord has taught me is that both ends of the spectrum can be dangerous! On one end, we can abuse grace and live life however we want as if there isn’t a standard to live by. Then, on the other end, we walk around in condemnation and basically saying that Christ’s blood wasn’t enough! We can think we’re not good enough or that what we did was far too bad to be forgiven, which just isn’t true! Both of these views of grace can be deadly to your walk with the Lord!


Yesterday, I was at breakfast with my mom and felt like the Lord wanted me to go say something to someone, but I chickened out, and I left the restaurant feeling pretty low. I repented, and He forgave me, but I still carried that burden with me until this morning when He reminded me that His grace is sufficient and that yes, I sinned but that it didn’t separate me from Him!


I don’t have to be perfect because He already is, and He gave Himself for you and me! That being said, I want to walk as closely to Him and His commands as possible because there is no place else I would rather be! Grace = freedom! Let grace be a lifestyle, not an excuse to do whatever you want, nor a trap to trample on the Blood of Christ! If we are not walking in grace, then we are walking over top of it or away from it, and trust me, neither of those is from the Lord! Grace is the Lord’s free gift to you, so accept it and walk in His freedom today!


Romans 6:14 - For sin shall no longer be your master because you are not under the law but under grace.


God bless! I love you all! Praise, Glory, and Honor now and forever to Papa God, King Jesus, and the Holy Spirit! 



Ephesians 4:32

Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you.


Jesus has to be our example for everything. We love because He first loved us. We must forgive because He first forgave us. I believe everything that doesn’t flow from the heart of Christ is sin. If I forgive you for any other reason than that Christ forgave me and that’s what He calls us to do, then it comes from pride, fear, or some other sin area in my life. We serve because He first served us! It starts with Him, then flows through us to bless those around us. We are forgiven because Christ chose the Cross over Himself. I believe to truly do good to those around us with the right heart motives, it has to flow from Christ within us!


Be vulnerable, Be bold, and remember, half-surrender is no surrender at all. Jesus wants all of you. Be honest with Him and allow Him to change your life and the lives of those around you!!! Thank You, Lord!


I love you all!!!! God bless and Glory to God Almighty, The Risen King Jesus, and our Counselor and Comforter the Holy Spirit!!!!


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