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I refuse to approve of sin by purchasing, watching, playing, or reading materials that do not honor God. That's why I've compiled these lists of Christian media. I encourage you to join me in honoring God with what you allow into your home and mind. 
Below, you'll find lists of Christian games, movies, and music. 
- Pastor Steve

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Recommended Christian Movies and TV

7th Street Theater (TV series) - a group of Christian actors puts on a weekly community play. See the real-life issues they deal with throughout the week.

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood (Movie) - be inspired to put each person first by the ministry of "Mister" Fred Rogers.

The Chosen (TV series - watch free or purchase) - An excellent fictional series based on the lives of people Jesus interacted with. When you see Jesus, you know it's Him, even if He never did or said what's written in the script. It matches the heart of our Jesus perfectly!


The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe (Movie, Bible Study)


The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian (Movie)

The Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader (Movie)

The Encounter (Movie) - 5 people in a diner with Jesus 


The Encounter: Paradise Lost (Movie) - Jesus powerfully appears to a suicidal man, a woman who has given up on her faith, a revenge-bent DEA agent, two drug dealers, and an addicted prostitute - all at the same time!


Fat Chance (Movie) - The true story of how one woman learned to accept herself as a child of God who deserves love and respect just as much as anyone else. This movie is very well made, and though it deals with a serious issue, it's also quite entertaining. 

The 5th Quarter (Movie, Bible Study) - The inspiring true story of family, faith, and football

(Movie) - What would you do to save your marriage?

 Flywheel (Movie, Bible Study) - A used car salesman discovers what's missing in his life

Healed by Grace (Movie) - Riley Adams wants to be a professional dancer. But what happens when she is injured before the national competition?


Heaven's Heroes (Movie) - A Christian police officer is shot in the line of duty.

Joshua (Movie, Bible Study) - What if Jesus came to Earth today?

Love Covers All (Movie) Michael just wants to get home in time for the birth of his first child...


A Man Called Jon (Movie) - Pastor Jon is a bit charismatic and needs to find a church where he will fit in. 


Miracle of the Cards (Movie) - An investigative journalist (Kirk Cameron) listens to the story of how a little boy was cured of cancer. Was it a miracle?


The Open Door (Movie) - What happens when Sam, a man with special needs, comes to live with his sister? How will Sam's presence affect his neighbors and new church?


The Paradise Trail (Movie) - two Old West outlaws take a preacher and his family hostage...

The Perfect Stranger (Movie) and Another Perfect Stranger (Movie) - What if you could have a face-to-face conversation with Jesus? What would you talk about? What doubts could He help you alleviate? That's the premise of these movies. I will say that they're more something you would watch as a Bible study or apologetics lecture rather than light entertainment.


Second Chances (Movie) - After her father dies, a little girl renews her interest in life when she meets a horse named Ginger. The Christian content is light in this movie, but you can pick up on it if you listen to the soundtrack. There's also a great scene of sacrificial love toward the end.

Selfie Dad (Movie) - This comedy shows a man trying to relaunch his failed career as a comic, but he finds a lot more than that. 

Silver Twins (Movie) - A real-life drama about two Jewish boys re-thinking their faith... and having to tell their parents what they decide. 


A Thief in the Night (Movie series) - the original "left behind" series. Whatever your view of the End Times, these movies are well worth watching! And yes, they're dated - made in the '70s - but again, well worth watching. There are four movies: A Thief in the Night, A Distant Thunder, Image of the Beast, and A Prodigal Planet.


Vindication (TV series) - A police detective investigates a variety of crimes while trying to repair his relationship with his daughter. This is a very well-done Christian crime drama that deals with serious issues and portrays Christians realistically.

The War Within (Movie) - This is a fantastic and very artistic movie. It depicts a man struggling with his faith after a tragic loss. What does it mean for his mind, heart, will, emotions, and conscience to all be transformed by Christ?


Waterproof (Movie, Bible Study) - Eli Zeal (Burt Reynolds) is shot in a robbery by a misguided 11-year-old. Panicking, the boy's mother Tyree (Grace) kidnaps Zeal and takes him and her son to her home town of Waterproof, Louisiana and a family she hasn't seen in years. Zeal and Tyree's worlds are turned upside down as wounds both new and old are given a chance to heal.

Not Recommended Christian Movies and TV

The following movies don't have anything morally wrong with them; they're just not very high-quality entertainment, so I wouldn't recommend spending time watching them.

Decision (Movie) - A teenager goes to spend time with his grandfather after his father dies. I really like the ending of this movie, but the script-writing is poor and the action slow.

The God Question (Movie) - Could a supercomputer compile all human data on religion and philosophy and determine if there's conclusive evidence for the existence of God? This sounds like an intriguing premise for a movie, and it's a decent-enough film, except for the disappointing ending. The ending isn't theologically wrong or anti-Christian; it just makes the movie not worth watching.


The List (Movie) - A young man finds himself the victim of a secret organization dating back to the Civil War. I'm on the edge with this one. The plot is interesting enough, but the movie is a bit slow in the beginning. I'm also not sure how I feel about how it portrays demonic powers. It seems like it takes its cue more from horror movie themes than realistic spiritual warfare. I'm saying Not Recommended because I wouldn't choose to watch it again. One takeaway from the movie, however, is the line, "Both God's children and His enemies underestimate the power of prayer."


Steps of Faith (Movie) - A young woman feels called to work with children on a horse ranch. The problem is she doesn't do well with horses or children. This is a decent movie. The problem is none of the Christian characters portray a good example of Christianity. It feels like someone who's not a Christian tried to write a movie about Christians.

NOT Recommended "Christian" Movies and TV

I hate to bash a movie or TV show someone's making for God's glory, but the following fall short of what I would consider to be Christian. Keep in mind that I'm not reviewing non-Christian or even Christian-friendly (is there such a thing?) entertainment. These are media offerings that have called themselves Christian.

Adams Testament (Movie) - A cop father tries to turn his rebellious son back to the truth. Angels and demons assist and interfere. Sounds like a good, redemptive story, right? Unfortunately, the script-writing and acting were so bad, and the swear words so rampant (three in the first ten minutes), that I stopped watching. 


The Cross and the Switchblade (Movie) - David Wilkerson evangelizes the gangs of New York City. This is based on the true story on how the ministry Teen Challenge began. It's a great story of courage and conversion. What I don't need is the swearing and on-screen drug use. I would understand the story perfectly well without the "realism."

Daily Bread (TV series) - A cast of characters learn to survive when a solar flare makes all electronics non-operational. I wanted to like this show, but after 4 episodes, I saw very little Christian content, and the two Christian characters that are in the show are not very good examples. They're starting a relationship before realizing they're both Christian, and the man, who was studying to be a pastor, says his chosen profession is useless after the solar flare. When would it be more useful?!  

Christian Music

God's people have created a huge variety of music. Rather than trying to list and recommend everything here, I simply want to point you to a couple of resources.

New Release Today - This is a news and recommendation site for all things Christian music. I like the Discover section, where you can find new artists in the genres you like. Lots of freebies on this site as well.

But more than original Christian music, I've really been enjoying Scripture songs - music that features Bible passages as the lyrics. I've created a couple of playlists of my favorite songs. Listening to Scripture songs is the best way I know of to memorize Bible verses.