Wednesday, August 15, 2012

5th Quarter Parties

A Fifth Quarter Party is an event that takes place after a high school football game.

Print up fliers and take as many students to the game as possible to hand out fliers. The fliers advertise food, games, prizes, etc., and where the church is.

You then leave the game before the 4th quarter to make sure you and your volunteer team are ready to receive your guests when the game ends.

You'll want to have food (pre-cooked, grilled there, cooked by students over a campfire you've got going, etc.) and games set up, as well as some giveaways or prizes to hand out (I use $5 gift cards).

This event is all about fun. Your goal is to bring students in the door, or into your churchyard, show them a good time, and then invite them to your next youth event (more fliers). No pressure or Bible studies at the 5th quarter. Just to try to meet a few students and start forming relationships.

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