Monday, March 10, 2014

Genesis 13 Youth Sunday School Lesson

Discussion Points:

- Generosity Rewarded - Abram is the patriarch of his family. He's the guy in charge. Yet when a problem arises, he is the one to offer Lot - his nephew, his junior - first choice of the land. And when he does humble himself and offer such generosity to Lot, God rewards Abram with more land and descendants than Abram ever thought possible.

Do you have such a humble and generous attitude? Who can you be more humble and generous toward? To whom can you show preference, even though you may be above them in some way? Can you remember a time when God rewarded your generosity?

If you are humble and generous toward others in your daily life, God will be generous toward you in some truly amazing, God-sized ways, just as He was to Abram.

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