Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Genesis 9 Youth Sunday School Lesson

Discussion Points:

- The Rainbow of Hope - God says that it's going to rain again, but He won't make it rain so much that all life is swept away again. God gives the rainbow as a sign to show humanity that we need not fear the rain again. We can apply the same truth in our own lives. Bad things may happen to us - the rain and the storms may come - but we will not be overwhelmed if we stand strong in Him. He is our source of hope, our rainbow to life's storms. Even when we die, we have not been overwhelmed because He will welcome us into eternal life and raise us back to life. The hope that we have in Him is a rainbow that will always shine afterward, no matter how big the storm that preceded it.

- What did Ham do wrong? Two things: 1. He saw Noah's mistake and spread the word about it. 2. He didn't help Noah when he saw him in need. Rather than showing grace to his father, he left him as he was and then exposed his mistake needlessly to his brothers. Let us not be like Ham. When we see someone who has made a mistake, let's not further shame them by telling others about it. Instead, let us quietly help them correct the mistake as Shem and Japheth did for their father. We are called to be full of grace, helping one another, not taking joy in another's downfall or spreading gossip about it.

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