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Lord's Prayer Children Bible Lesson

Purpose of lesson
This lesson will teach young children that God is perfectly perfect, and Christians should act in a way that shows people how good He is. There are still lots of people that aren’t lucky enough to know Him.

Needed materials
·         Bible (Leviticus 22:31-32, Mark 12:30-31, Leviticus 20:7, 1 Peter 1:14-19)
·         Dry erase board and markers or chart paper and markers
·         Envelope with message “may your name be kept holy” inside

Game—Action Name
Have the children form a circle, facing the center. They will each say their name and do an action that they feel shows something about who they are. After they have all done this, go around the circle, having them say the names and do the actions of all of the other children, too.

Because this lesson is aimed at younger children, help them out as necessary. If you are playing with older children, they could be out if they miss a name altogether.

Lesson script
Does anyone remember the prayer that we started to learn last week? The Lord’s Prayer! We talked about the first line of the Lord’s Prayer last week, and we are going to memorize it, by looking at the lines one at a time. Does anyone remember what the first line was? (Take responses) “Our Father in Heaven.” 

Last week, what we learned about prayer, is that God is our father in heaven, and he loves us all very much. When we say the Lord’s Prayer, we are talking directly to God. Let’s pray the Lord’s Prayer together.

(Say the Lord’s Prayer)

Now, let’s see this week’s special message from God.

(Take out the envelope, and read the message to the students)

“May your name be kept holy,” means that God is perfect, and His name must be kept holy, and separate from our names. Let’s talk about how we can each keep God’s name holy in our daily lives, and before next week, we’ll be able to have the first 2 lines of the Lord’s Prayer memorized.

When we were playing our game, it was so tricky to remember all of the names and actions, wasn’t it? It felt great when people remembered not only our names, but also the actions we chose to describe who we are. Some people have their own given names, and names that describe who they are to other people. Our parents have their names, and also they have the names Mom and Dad. So their names that their parents gave them—those are their given names, and Mom and Dad are their reputation names, because being a mom or a dad is a reputation that you have—it means that you mean something in particular, to somebody.

Even God has a lot of different names. The Jewish people that lived in biblical times chose names for their babies based on who they wanted their kids to be, and how they wanted them to act! So, they had many names for God, to show His different characteristics.

Some of God’s other names are Lion of the Tribe of Judah, Judge, Refuge, Lamb of God, and Good Shepherd. These are only some of the names that have been used for God, who came to earth as Jesus, a perfectly perfect person.

(Read Leviticus 22:31-32)

God is telling us that to keep His name holy, we need to follow His Commandments. That’s a lot of rules to remember! Jesus summed it up pretty well when he said this:

(Read Mark 12:30-31)

So we can sum up a lot of the message of the Bible by saying ‘love God first, and care for others, the way you take care of yourself.’ When we follow these simple rules, people that don’t know Jesus will see us keep the Lord’s name holy, and they can see how we set God apart, and know that He is special.

(Read Leviticus 20:7)

So being holy ourselves, is our part of keeping God’s name holy. We won’t be perfect at being holy, but God doesn’t need our help to be holy, we need His help. So we try our hardest to not sin and stay holy.

(Read 1 Peter 1:14-19)

So, even though we will still be sinners, God gave up his only Son to save us from our sins, by washing them clean in Jesus’ perfect blood. When we live our lives the way that Jesus taught us, we help fulfill the line in the Lord’s Prayer, “May your name be kept holy.”

Sample Prayer
Say the Lord’s Prayer

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