Saturday, March 21, 2015

The Best Safety Tips for Sunday School

Use these Sunday school lesson tips, tactics, and strategies for a safe classroom to help inspire and guide your lesson planning! God bless!

Safety Tips
  • Check 'Em In and Out - This article by David Posthuma can help you figure out the best way to incorporate a check-in system for your children's ministry.
  • Safety First - It might seem like a hassle to do a background check on all of your volunteers, but this article by Bob D'Ambrosio breaks down the process to ease your concerns.
  • Stop the Abuse - Pat Verbal breaks down the signs to watch for, and steps to take in abuse cases.
  • Child Abuse Indicators - If you work with children, you are required by law to report any suspicions of child abuse, so here's some of the signs to look for. Compiled by Children's Ministry Magazine.

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