Thursday, September 12, 2019

Caught Up - Devotion on Genesis 14

Scripture: Genesis 14:12
They also carried off Abram’s nephew Lot and his possessions, since he was living in Sodom.

Nine kings were having a war, and Lot was caught up in the middle of it. Sure, it was partly his fault for wanting to move closer to the sin haven of Sodom, but with God's help, Abram was able to defeat the attacking kings and recover what had been lost.

In the same way, either through our own fault or no fault of our own, we sometimes get caught up in the events of life. Things happen that we have no control over. Circumstances take a downturn for us.

And like Abram and Lot in this passage, we can come out of those times victorious. With God's help, we can regain what was lost.

Has life ever caught you up? How did God make you victorious in that situation? Do you believe that He’ll do it again?

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