Thursday, March 25, 2021

Preaching Course - Planning and Delivery

This is an elective course for International Online Bible College, but anyone may use this material free of charge. 

Scope of the Course: In this course, you will practice writing and giving sermons.

Grading: Your grade will be based on the written and video assignments below and your completion of the Use Your Gifts final project.


To complete the course...

1. Watch What Do Pastors Actually... Do?

and The Difference between Preaching and Teaching

Assignment: Discuss what preaching is in the context of the church. How is preaching related to teaching? (150 words minimum, 150 points)

2. Watch the following videos:

Three Types of Bad Sermons


Rigorous Preparation


Speaking Without Notes

Assignment: Discuss the three things a preacher needs to do to preach a good sermon. (150 words minimum, 150 points)


3. Watch the following videos:

What is Expository Preaching?


Creating a Bible Lesson or Message from Scratch


Assignment: Draft a detailed plan for preparing a sermon, from start to finish. (250 words minimum, 250 points)


4. Watch the following videos:

How Many Points Should a Sermon Have?

How Long Should I Preach?


Connecting with Your Audience

Calling for a Response


Sermon Manuscripts, Outlines, and, Pulpit Notes


Sermon Manuscripts: Behind the Scenes

Assignment: Write a full sermon manuscript as illustrated in the videos. (2,000 words minimum, 2,000 points)

5. Watch 5 Ways to Immediately Improve Your Preaching

Assignment: Discuss the pros of cons of preaching through the Bible and preaching on topics. (250 words minimum, 250 points)

Assignment: Discuss the pros and cons of using various types of technology in your preaching. (250 words minimum, 250 points)

6. Watch Voice, Volume, Tone

Assignment: Discuss the importance of varying your voice and emotions while preaching. (150 words minimum, 150 points)

Assignment: Draft a plan for what you will do when you are distracted while preaching. (100 words minimum, 100 points)

Assignment: Sermon Delivery #1 - Video yourself preaching a sermon. (15 minutes minimum, 2,000 points)

Assignment: Sermon Delivery #2 - Video yourself preaching a sermon. (15 minutes minimum, 2,000 points)

Assignment: Sermon Delivery #3 - Video yourself preaching a sermon. (15 minutes minimum, 2,000 points)


7. Watch the following videos:

Why Follow the Church Calendar?

Church Calendar Full

How to Create a Sermon Calendar

Assignment: With the church calendar in mind, plan out 12 months of preaching as shown in the video. (2,000 points)

8. Use Your Gifts (5,000 points) 

Choose one topic from this course for your final project. It may be writing a Bible study, recording yourself preaching a sermon, writing a worship song, creating a work of art, writing a research paper on a topic of interest, gathering a list of Bible verses on a certain theme, gathering a list of quotes on a theme, etc. – anything that shows you have engaged with and understood the subject.

Bible Helps may publish your writing assignments and final project as an example to other students and for the edification of our readers. You will be credited as the writer/creator, etc.

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