Friday, July 23, 2021

2 Kings 4:3 Devotion by Stephen Taylor

2 Kings 4:3

Elisha said, “Go around and ask all your neighbors for empty jars. Don't ask for just a few.”


I can relate to this story on so many levels. Quick summary: There is a lady whose husband is dead, and she is broke. They owe money, and they are coming to take her sons to pay it.


Like this lady, I often have found myself facing insurmountable odds or definite defeat and cried out to God for help! But like this lady, I have to be reminded sometimes to not try to put God in a box or limit Him! I believe Elisha makes a point of saying, “Don’t ask for just a few,” because he knew she was going to ask for just a few. It’s human nature. We can’t see the whole picture. We are looking at it with human eyes and trying to rationalize it, but God is saying, “Trust Me.”


God doesn’t operate on the same scale or by the same limits as we do, and He proved it when He sent Jesus for our sins. We wanted to cover our sins, and God wanted to pay for them! Big difference. We are not the same! We are created in His image. He wasn’t created in ours! That being said, we can trust and believe that the One who did not withhold His Son from us has more than enough to go around and is willing to give it!


So, my question is this: The lady asked for oil. It was a form of currency back then. Suppose the Lord told you to go around and ask all your neighbors for old, empty Visa gift cards and that He was gonna fill them. Would you do it? Would you trust and believe that God Almighty could and would do it? Our job isn’t to fill the jars but to collect them and trust God to do the rest!


Let’s stop trying to figure everything out and step out on faith! Don’t just ask for a few!!!! The more we empty our jars, the more He will fill them with His Spirit!


I love you all. God bless, Glory, Honor, and Praise forever to the Great I Am, King of kings, and the Spirit of Truth!




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