Sunday, July 18, 2021

Genesis 41:16 Devotion by Stephen Taylor

Genesis 41:16

“I cannot do it," Joseph replied to Pharaoh, “but God will give Pharaoh the answer he desires."


I love the story of Joseph for many reasons, and this verse is right toward the top. The simplicity and power in this verse amaze me! This is Joseph’s chance to make a deal, to bargain, to plead, to try to manipulate justice and release from prison, and what does he do? He humbles himself and gives God all the glory. He doesn’t say, “What do I get if I tell you?” but rather, “I can’t help you, but He can”! He basically says, “You’re looking in the wrong direction. Don’t look to me, look to Him!”


I absolutely love this and believe we, as the body of Christ, should do this more. We can’t, but He can! It not only takes the pressure off us, but it points people to the only One who can save, the only One who can fix or heal us, and the only One who can truly guide and protect us, God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit!


If we humble ourselves and give glory to the One glory is due, then He will exalt us. Later in the story of Joseph, it talks about how much Egyptians despise and detest Hebrews, how they won’t even eat with them or live by them, yet Pharaoh makes Joseph, a Hebrew, second-in-command and practically his equal. Only God could do that. No human could have made that happen. I just hope and pray that we realize our power is in surrendering to the Lord!


Whether we are in prison or the penthouse, let’s be like Joseph and fully surrender and give God the glory!!!


I love you all, God bless, and Glory to God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit!!!!!!!



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