Sunday, July 18, 2021

Numbers 25:3 Devotion by Stephen Taylor

Numbers 25:3

So, Israel yoked themselves to the Baal of Peor. And the LORD's anger burned against them.


As I was praying today, the Holy Spirit was pressing into me the importance and severity of this verse and how it applies to us even today. It’s so crucial for God’s people to be mindful of who and what we are hitching our wagons to. The Israelites had a choice; they could be yoked to God or to an idol, and they chose the idol.


I want you to realize here that it didn’t start out as idol worship, but they were enticed by women and sexual immorality. The enemy doesn’t usually come straight at us but rather dresses up our destruction in something that is pleasing to the eye. We have to stop siding with the enemy just because we don’t like the other side of the aisle. Let’s stop picking our sides because of people and start picking it on policy, and not just any policy, but God’s policy. We have to stop making excuses for sin and call it what it is. We can’t let the enemy disguise sin in a human rights bill and go along with it. If we do, we will be just as guilty as the Israelites in this verse.


I say this out of love and want to encourage you guys to stop looking at the candidates and start looking at the Cross. Let it be the plumb line for your life and your beliefs. Let Jesus be the one who tells you what’s right and what’s wrong.


All throughout the first couple books of the Bible, it talks about “pleasing aromas.” I don’t believe that it was the burning flesh that pleased the Lord, but the willing, obedient heart behind the sacrifice. It was the heart that said, “You’re right, Lord, and I’m wrong. What You require, I will gladly give because You have given all of Yourself to me.”


If we are going to be the Lord’s people, then let’s start acting like it and live our lives in humble reverence of the Lord! You can’t put lipstick on sin and call it right; it’s still a sin, and we’re still accountable for it. Please don’t take my word for it, but rather open your Bibles and ask God to show you His truth! I love you all very much, and as much as I love you, the Lord loves you more!


Praise the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit!!! His Word is the Truth we need to walk in and stand firm on! Our God is love, but He is just as much the God of justice as He is mercy!




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