International Online Bible College

International Online Bible College is a free Bible college provided by Bible Helps. The curriculum is meant to provide you with a thorough understanding of the Christian Scriptures and equip you to serve the Church in a variety of capacities. 


Our core curriculum consists of:


You are also required to select at least one of the following tracks:



The core and specialty courses consist of a mix of tests, writing assignments, and projects. You will receive a grade and feedback on each assignment. 

To graduate from IOBC, you must receive an A or B in each of your classes. An A signifies you have received at least 90% of the total available points. A B signifies you have received at least 80% of the total available points. You may redo assignments to increase your grade.

See the individual course descriptions for a syllabus and grading criteria. One common element to all courses, however, is the Use Your Gifts final project. This is where you will be able to engage the content of the course creatively while practicing your spiritual gifts. The Use Your Gifts final project will compose roughly 1/3 of your grade for each course.



You can take the classes in any order you choose. Once completed, you will receive a certificate of graduation verifiable by IOBC and Bible Helps. You may complete more than one specialty track at any time to receive multiple certificates. Doing so is a great way to further your education.


Qualify to Apply for Grant Money for Your Ministry

Once you graduate from the IOBC program, you will be able to apply for a grant to start or further your ministry. Bible Helps wants to equip you with both the knowledge and resources you need to lead God's Church. You will receive instructions on how to apply for a grant donation once you complete the IOBC program. 


Educational Requirements

You do not need any specific educational history to enroll in IOBC. We are working on translating the curriculum into other languages, but at this point, you must be able to read and write adequately in English. Your English vocabulary and grammar does not need to be perfect - only understandable by those who will be grading your assignments.


How to Apply

To apply, please send a written or video testimony of how you became a Christian and your life in Christ so far to If your video is too large to send via email, you may upload it to Google Drive and share the link. 

You will receive an email confirming or denying your acceptance into the IOBC program. If you are accepted into the program, you will also be invited to join the IOBC Facebook Group so that you can meet other IOBC students and discuss assignments.


Bible Helps may publish your testimony and any class assignments as examples for other students and for the edification of our site visitors. You will be credited as the creator of such content.