Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Don’t Judge a King by His Cover – Being a Person After God’s Own Heart Youth Bible Study

Don’t Judge a King by His Cover – Being a Person After God’s Own Heart

Brief: Love the Lord, and He will choose to work through You.

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Intro Question
How many of you like to read?

If you’re in the library or the bookstore, or browsing the internet for a new book, how do you decide which book to read?

What if you’ve never heard of the book or the author?

Normally, the first thing that would catch our eye is the cover. If the cover looks interesting, we might think about getting it.

It could be the same for movies. If you see a poster for a new movie coming out, that might make you want to go see it.

It’s the same with dating. If you see a girl or a guy who looks good, you might want to take the time to get to know them better.

Looks are usually the first thing we notice about someone or something. The people of Israel wanted Samuel to give them a king, but then, King Saul did not turn out to be a very good king because he didn’t listen to God. Today, we’re going to read a little about King Saul and the man who God chose to replace him as king.

First, we’re going to go backward in our story a little bit read about the day Saul became king.

Scripture: 1 Samuel 10:17-24; 13:13-14; 16:1-13

Was there anything special about Saul?

He was taller than everyone else in Israel. He was physically impressive. If you looked at him, you would think, “There’s a good guy to be king.”

But was Saul a good king? (No.)

Saul disobeyed God so much while he was king that God decided to make someone else king.

Who is God going to choose to be the new king?

Someone after God’s own heart, someone who loves God and loves to do the right things like God does.

Why do you think Samuel thought he was supposed to make Eliab king? (Eliab must have been tall and handsome.)

What is God telling Samuel in this verse?

God doesn’t judge people by their looks but by their heart. That means that our looks don’t matter to God. He likes us just the same no matter what we look like. God doesn’t like good-looking people any more than He likes people who aren’t as good looking. The thing that counts with God is if you have a good heart, a heart that loves Him and tries to do the right thing.

Was David ugly? (No, but he was the youngest and the littlest of his brothers.) 

Do you think God would have chosen David to be king if he was ugly?

Yes, because David’s looks didn’t matter to God. God chose David because David was a man after God’s own heart. He loved God and loved to do the right things like God does.

Are you a person after God’s own heart? God doesn’t care about your looks. He only cares whether or not you love Him and are living your life righteously. Be a person after God’s own heart, and you will be someone whom God chooses, someone whom God is happy and pleased with, just as He was with David.


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