Christian Games and Entertainment

I refuse to approve of sin by purchasing, watching, playing, or reading materials that do not honor God. That's why I've compiled these lists of Christian media. I encourage you to join me in honoring God with what you allow into your home and mind. 
Below, you'll find lists of Christian games, movies, fiction books, and music. 
- Pastor Steve

Christian Games

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Party Games  

Tabletop Role Playing Games 

Video Games for...

    What Counts as Being a Christian Video Game? 

    An Encouragement to “Bad” Christian Video Game Designers

Christian Movies and TV

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Romantic Movies

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Christmas Movies

Christian Fiction Books

*Note: I have not read all these books. I asked someone else to compile these lists, so let me know if you find anything objectionable in them.

Christian Fantasy Novels - books with elements of magic, medieval kingdoms, dragons, etc.

Christian Horror Novels - the scarier side of Christian fantasy, with vampires, werewolves, and other creepiness

Christian Sci-Fi Novels - books with time travel, aliens, superheroes, advanced technology, and more

Christian Speculative Fiction Novels - books about angels, the End Times, alternate histories

Christian Fiction Comic Books

Christian Music

God's people have created a huge variety of music. Rather than trying to list and recommend everything here, I simply want to point you to a couple of resources.

New Release Today - This is a news and recommendation site for all things Christian music. I like the Discover section, where you can find new artists in the genres you like. Lots of freebies on this site as well.

But more than original Christian music, I've really been enjoying Scripture songs - music that features Bible passages as the lyrics. I've created a couple of playlists of my favorite songs. Listening to Scripture songs is the best way I know of to memorize Bible verses.