Christian Quotes by Topic

On these pages, you'll find wisdom from respected Jewish and Christian thinkers. I've organized their quotes and excerpts by topic. Currently, I've covered the Apocrypha and the first three centuries of Christian literature. I'll be adding more recent quotes as my research continues.


Quotes from the Book of Enoch

The Book of Enoch was supposedly written by the man "who walked faithfully with God and then was no more because God took him (Genesis 5:24). The New Testament Book of Jude gives credence to this book by including a quote from it. You'll see many of the themes of Scripture first introduced here.


Quotes from the Apocrypha / Deuteroncanonical Books

What is the Apocrypha? They're a collection of books mostly written between the time the Old Testament ends and the New Testament begins. They were included in the Jewish Scriptures until about 50 years after Jesus died. Some Christian groups still include them, though Protestants began separating them and then removing them from their Bible entirely. Starting in the 1800s, most Protestant Bibles left them out, giving many of us 66 books to read instead of 80. 


Early Christian Quotes from the First Three Centuries

(Note: These quotes are given not to judge whether the ancient Christians were correct in all matters but simply to show what they believed on certain topics. Dates of authorship indicate the earliest known manuscripts. It is possible that some authors wrote before the dates given.)

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