Monday, June 3, 2013

Youth Sunday School on Matthew 1:18-25 – Doing Hard Things for God

Needed: (Optional – The Visual Bible, the attached question sheet and pencils for each student)

Intro Activity: What If would you do if God asked you to…? – Pass out a piece of paper and pencils and have students think about or answer the questions on their own.

Lesson: When they are finished, tell students, All of those things are examples of what God has asked people to do in the past.

(Show The Visual Bible passage if you have it. If not, just skip to the reading.

Have the students take turns reading Matthew 1:18-25. )

Do you think it would have been hard for Joseph to still take Mary as his wife? Why?

If Joseph married Mary, people would think that he was Jesus’ father and that he got her pregnant before they were married. – Not good!

He was also probably a little nervous about raising God’s Son. Maybe he was afraid he would mess up.

Why do you think Joseph obeyed God and did what God asked him to do?

Joseph knew that God is God. He’s the King. He made everything and is in control of everything. Joseph respected God enough to know that He should obey God no matter what.

What good thing happened to Joseph because he obeyed God, took Mary as his wife, and raised Jesus?

He got a great wife, had an awesome family, got to be used by God in one of the most events in history – raising Jesus – and became one of the most famous people of all time.

Why do you think God chose Joseph for the job of raising Jesus?

God knew that Joseph was a righteous man and would do what God asked him to do, not matter what it was.

So here’s the point for us: If you want God to use you, if you want God to bless you, you have to be willing to do anything for God, no matter how hard it is. If God knows that He can trust you to do the hard things, then He will use you in some amazing ways and He will bless you because of it, just like He did with Joseph.

What Would You Do if God Asked You to…

Never see your family again?

Stop doing something wrong?

Give up your favorite hobby?

Start doing something good?

Tell a friend about Jesus?

Speak up about your beliefs in class?

Have His child?

Marry someone who had His child?

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