Monday, June 10, 2013

Prophecy Fulfilled! – The Triumphal Entry – Palm Sunday – Youth Sunday School on John 12:12-19

Needed: (Optional: The Visual Bible, Prophecy Fulfilled! sheet for each student)

Show the passage from The Visual Bible if you have it. If not, skip down to the reading.

Have your students take turns reading John 12:12-16.

Ask, So Jesus came riding into Jerusalem on a donkey and later, the disciples realized that something had been written beforehand about Jesus riding into Jerusalem? Who would have written something about that and why?

The prophet Zechariah wrote about Jesus riding on a donkey hundreds of years before Jesus actually did it. God gave Him that prophecy so that when it actually happened, it would help people realize that Jesus was the one God wanted people to follow.

God gave His prophets lots of clues about Jesus. (Give your students the Prophecies Fulfilled!  sheet. When I did it, I pasted the information found on into a Word document to hand out, being careful to note where the information came from. Discuss it as much as you like and then send it home with the students to serve as a resource they can refer to again later.)

(Have students take turns reading John 12:17-19.)

What did the people do who had seen Jesus raise Lazarus from the dead?

They continued spreading the word and telling other people about Jesus. And that’s exactly what we need to do. They had seen what Jesus did and they knew that everyone else should hear about Him too. We also what Jesus has done. We know who He is, that He’s the one who fulfilled all these prophecies, and we know what He’s done in our lives – dying for us and saving us forever – so now we should help spread the word, too, so that other people can know Him and be saved.

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