Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Genesis 3 Youth Sunday School

Refer to my Most Effective Way to Teach a Youth Bible Study

Discussion Points:

- "Did God Really Say?" - the serpent starts by questioning what God had said and then contradicting it. Notice also that Eve quotes God incorrectly. She says that God said not to touch the tree, but He never commanded that. He just said not to eat from it. If I were to preach this, I would talk about how modern society questions the validity of God's Word and even contradicts it in almost every matter. I would also talk about how our only defense against is to know the Scripture for ourselves. If Eve had been grounded in what God actually said, perhaps she wouldn't have been so easy to persuade.

- The 2nd Sin - sin alienates us from God and from others. Note how Adam and Eve hid from God and blamed each other for their mistake. Sin reverses the intended order of things. We should be in a loving relationship with God and others, not hiding from, blaming, being in enmity with, or feeling shame in regard to God and others. When we do sin, there is only one way to put things back as they should be. We can admit our sin and ask forgiveness. This was Adam and Eve's second sin. They tried to pass off their sin instead of admitting it and asking forgiveness.

- "Because You Listened..." - in verse 17, God makes it clear that Adam is being punished because he listened to Eve instead of to God. Use this point to talk about the need to reject peer pressure, even as adults, and to live to please God rather than people.

- Skin Covers Sin - God made garments of skin to cover Adam and Eve's nakedness. They didn't make the garments; God did. Only God could cover their sin and He did so by means of sacrifice. In the same, God sent Christ to be our sacrifice to cover our sin once and for all.

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