Friday, January 5, 2018

"All I had to do was Ask" - Church Drama Skit

Characters: Jesus, Philosophizer, Decent, Christian

(Jesus is standing at the pulpit. Philosophizer enters from the back of the congregation. He is unsure of himself. He is holding a map and looking around confusedly. He makes his way up to Jesus, but doesn’t notice Him.)

Jesus (sad, but straight): (sighs) Hello.

Philosophizer: Ah. Hello, sir. I’m wondering if You could help me. I’m a little confused. I seem to have lost my way.

Jesus: I know. I’m sorry.

Philosophizer: What’s that, sir?

Jesus: I said I know you’re confused. I know you’re lost. And I can’t express to you how sorry I am, how deeply it pains Me. I could have helped you if you had asked Me earlier, but now it’s too late.

Philosophizer: Sir, I ‘m afraid I don’t follow You.

Jesus: Yes, I know. I’m more aware of that fact than you are.

Philosophizer: Maybe if You could just tell me where it is that I am, I’ll be able to find my own way.

Jesus: And that was always your problem. You always thought that you could find your own way, do it yourself. You never realized how impossible that actually was. You never realized that you needed Me to guide you.

Philosophizer (losing composure, getting angry): Ok. I’ve had my fill –

Jesus: In answer to your question, you’re at the gate of Heaven. You’re being judged for the life you led on earth.

Philosophizer: I’m sorry, sir, but I don’t believe in Heaven or judgment or –

Jesus: Or Me?

Philosophizer (in frustration): Oh, Jesus Christ!

Jesus: Yes.

Philosophizer: No, I don’t.

Jesus: By your words, you are condemned. You have made your choice.

Philosophizer (confused): My choice?

Jesus: Yes. You’ll find your way to the left.

Philosophizer (with regained composure): Thank you, sir. (exits to the left.)

(Decent enters from back of congregation. She is sweet and unassuming. She is in complete control of her situation.)

Decent: Hello! How are you?

Jesus: I Am that I Am.

Decent: Good! Good! (starts to walk away to the right.)

Jesus: Do you know where you are?

Decent: Why, I –

Jesus: You’re at the Judgment.

Decent (sinking emotionally): Oh. Already? I was…and I had to…well, I wasn’t quite done, you know. Do you suppose that I could go and come back later? Like in a few years?

Jesus: No.

Decent (grumbling): Oh. Well, I’m just not ready for this!

Jesus: You know, your time is not your own. Neither is your life. If you had given your time and life to Me, you would have been ready for this. And you would have been happy to be here.

Decent (angry): Well, let’s get on with it!

Jesus: You’re going to Hell.

Decent (incredulous): What!? I went to church every Sunday!

Jesus: I know. I was always amazed that you could go so often and still not learn anything. Besides, not everyone who calls me Lord will enter My Kingdom.

Decent: Well, that Pastor -

Jesus: Don’t blame the Pastor.

Decent: Well, I lived the best I knew how!

Jesus: It was never about you living the best you knew how. It was a matter of you giving your life to Me and letting Me help you live the best that I knew how.

(Decent hurumps and storms off stage to the left. Christian enters from back of congregation. Jesus’ face brightens. Christian is smiling. They address each other as friends.)

Jesus: Hey! Well done, my good and faithful servant, my friend.

Christian: Hi. So this is Heaven, huh?

Jesus: No, no. This is just the gate. C’mon up. I’ll walk you inside. I’ve got everything ready. I’ve been waiting for you.

(Christian walks on stage. Christian and Jesus hug.)

Christian: I just can’t believe that I’m finally here. I mean, looking back on my life, it’s been quite a ride. All that bad stuff I did, the person that I was. I used to think, when I would think about You at all, that You must have hated me and that You would never let me in here. But then I realized that You didn’t hate me. You loved me. You wanted to make into a whole new person with Your love. All I had to do was ask and You were right there, ready to come into my life forever.

Jesus: And I am so glad you did ask. I just wish more people would ask Me into their lives. (Jesus and Christian exit to the right.)

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