Monday, January 11, 2016

Witnessing for Christian "Hypocrites"

"We're all hypocrites!"

That's what you can say to someone who doesn't want to talk about God, the Church, or Christianity based on their bad impressions of believers.

Even if you were the one to make that bad impression, simply admit it. And then, try to show them that no one lives up to what they believe.

No one lives up to what they believe. Christians and non-Christians alike. For instance, most people believe in being fair, but people are often selfish and use people (however gently) to their own advantage.

Most people believe that Truth is a higher ideal than Deception, but almost everyone lies or fails to tell the whole truth to someone multiple times a day.

So, the difference between Christians and non-believers is not hypocrisy, but the number of things that we can be hypocritical about. Christians are often seen as hypocrites because we believe more things than non-Christians and so, have more chances to fail!

Christianity takes most of the world's morals and then, adds God's morals on top of them!

More is demanded of Christians. Being a Christian is hard. And it's easy to fail at.

Kind of.

You see, the thing about Christianity is that no matter how many times we fail to live out what we believe, we're still forgiven. We still get to try again. We still get to continue maturing into who God has called us to be.

So, when someone calls you (or your fellow Christians) a hypocrite, call them one back! And then, challenge them to consider your beliefs and the grace that our faith offers to all hypocrites.


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