Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Early Christian Quotes on Aborted Children

Early Christian Quotes on Aborted and Unborn Children


Clement of Alexandria

(Mid-2nd Century)

(from his notes):


The care of God does not shine only upon those who are alive. For example, the Apocalypse of Peter discusses children who are born early and die or who are aborted. If they would have lived and been saved, they are delivered over to an angel to take care of them and teach them. They have already suffered what they would have suffered in this life.


Those children who would not have been saved if they had lived do obtain salvation, they will continue without suffering, as beings who have been injured and had mercy shown to them, receiving salvation as a reward.


But the milk of the mothers who aborted their children will flow from their beasts and dry into small snakes that will devour those women. This shows that the punishments in Hell will fit the sins people committed.


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