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Early Christian Quotes on God's Protection

Early Christian Quotes on God's Protection

The Odes of Solomon (1st or 2nd Century) 39:

Raging rivers are the power of the Lord; they send headlong those who despise Him

And entangle their paths, and destroy their crossings.

And snatch their bodies, and corrupt their natures.

For they are swifter than lightnings, even more rapid.

But those who cross them in faith shall not be disturbed.

And those who walk on them faultlessly shall not be shaken

Because the sign on them is the Lord, and the sign is the Way for those who cross in the name of the Lord.

Therefore, put on the name of the Most High and know Him, and you shall cross without danger; because rivers shall be obedient to you.

The Lord has bridged them by His Word, and He walked and crossed them on foot.

And His footsteps stand firm upon the waters and were not destroyed; but they are like a beam of wood that is constructed on truth.

On this side and on that, the waves were lifted up, but the footsteps of our Lord Messiah stand firm.

And they are neither blotted out, nor destroyed.

And the Way has been appointed for those who cross over after Him, and for those who adhere to the path of His faith; and who adore His name.




Clement of Alexandria’s Miscellanies (Early 3rd Century) Book 4, Chapter 11, Paragraphs 1, 3:

Some say, “If God cares for you, why are you persecuted and put to death? Has He delivered you to this?” No, we do not believe that the Lord wishes disasters like that on us but that He foretold prophetically what would happen -- that we should be persecuted for His name's sake, slaughtered, and impaled. So that it was not that He wanted us to be persecuted, but He told beforehand what we will suffer, training us to endurance to be able to claim our inheritance…


They ask, “But why doesn’t He help you when you are persecuted?” What wrong is done us in being released by death to go to the Lord? If we were thinking about it correctly, we would feel obliged to thank those who are giving us a speedy departure from this life.


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