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Early Christian Quotes on Purgatory

Early Christian Quotes on Purgatory


The Shepherd of Hermas 

(1st or 2nd Century)

Vision 3, Chapter 7:


Repentance is still possible, but they cannot find a suitable place in this Church. But in another and much less important place, they will be laid, and only when they have been tortured and completed the days of their sins. And on this account will they be transferred because they have partaken of the righteous Word. Only when the thought of repenting of the evil deeds they have done has come into their hearts will they be removed from their punishments. If it does not come into their hearts, they will not be saved because of the hardness of their heart.



The Shepherd of Hermas

(1st or 2nd Century)

Similitude 9, Chapter 28:


The angel said, “All who once suffered for the name of the Lord in martyrdom are honorable before God, and their sins were canceled because they suffered for the name of the Son of God.”



The Acts of Paul

(Mid-2nd Century)



And after the funeral procession, the Egyptian princess Tryphaena took Thecla again. For her daughter, Falconilla, who was dead, had said to her in a dream: “Mother, you shalt take Thecla, the stranger who is desolate, in my place so she may pray for me, and I will be moved into the place of the righteous.”



The Christian Sibylline Oracles

(2nd Century)

Book 2:384-387:


But the others, all to whom right and fair works

And devotion and just thoughts were dear,

Will angels, looking through the burning stream,

Lead to light and life exempt from care.


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