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Early Christian Quotes on a Relationship with God

Early Christian Quotes on a Relationship with God

Odes of Solomon (1st or 2nd Century) 14:1:

As the eyes of a son upon his father, so are my eyes, O Lord, at all times towards You.

Odes of Solomon (1st or 2nd Century) 15:1-2:

As the sun is the joy of them who seek its daybreak, so is my joy the Lord; 
Because He is my Sun, and His rays have lifted me up; and His light has dismissed all darkness from my face.

Fragments of Justin Martyr (Mid-2nd Century) Chapter 7:

We shall not injure God by remaining ignorant of Him, but shall deprive ourselves of His friendship.

Acts of John (Mid to Late 2nd Century) Paragraph 107:

Let him [God] rejoice with us because we walk aright, let him be glad because we live purely, let him be refreshed because our conversation is sober. Let him be without care because we live continently, let him be pleased because we communicate one with another, let him smile because we are chaste, let him be merry because we love him.

Irenaeus’ Against Heresies, Book 3 (Late 2nd Century) Chapter 14, Paragraph 1

In the beginning, therefore, did God form Adam, not as if He stood in need of man, but that He might have [some one] upon whom to confer His benefits.

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