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Early Christian Quotes on Thoughts

Early Christian Quotes on Thoughts

The Shepherd of Hermas (1st or 2nd Century), Vision 1, Chapter 1:

"Is it not your opinion that a righteous man commits sin when an evil desire arises in his heart? There is sin in such a case, and the sin is great,” said she; “for the thoughts of a righteous man should be righteous. For by thinking righteously his character is established in the heavens, and he has the Lord merciful to him in every business."

Origen’s De Principiis (Early to Mid-3rd Century) Book 3, Chapter 2, Paragraph 4:

With respect to the thoughts which proceed from our heart, or the recollection of things which we have done, or the contemplation of any things or causes whatever, we find that they sometimes proceed from ourselves, and sometimes are originated by the opposing powers; not seldom also are they suggested by God, or by the holy angels.

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