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Early Christian Quotes on the Age of the Earth

Early Christian Quotes on the Age of the Earth

Theophilus of Antioch’s Book 3 

(Late 2nd Century)

Chapter 28:


We can trace the timeline of the main eras from the foundation of the world. From the creation of the world to the Flood, there were 2242 years. And from the Flood to the time when Abraham became the father of Isaac, 1036 years. And from Isaac to the time when the Israelites lived with Moses in the desert, 660 years. And from the death of Moses and the rule of Joshua, the son of Nun to the death of King David, 498 years. And from the death of David and the reign of Solomon to the sojourning of the people in the land of Babylon, 518 years and 6 months and 10 days. And from the government of Cyrus to the death of Emperor Aurelius Verus, 744 years. All the years from the creation of the world amount to approximately 5698.



Origen’s Principles

(Early to Mid-3rd Century)

Book 3, Chapter 5, Paragraph 3:


Someone might ask, "If the world had its beginning in time, what was God doing before the world began? It’s disrespectful and absurd to say that our active God wasn’t doing anything, or to suppose that Goodness at one time did not do good, and omnipotence at one time did not exercise its power."


This world had its beginning at a certain time, and according to our belief in Scripture, we can calculate how long ago that was. So, we say again that God did begin to work when He made this visible world; but just like there will be another world after this one is destroyed, so we believe that other worlds existed before this one was created.



Cyprian’s Exhortation to Martyrdom

(Mid-3rd Century)

Paragraph 2:


Six thousand years are now nearly completed since the devil first attacked man.



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