Monday, February 15, 2021

Early Christian Quotes On Military Service

Early Christian Quotes On Military Service


Tertullian's On Idolatry

(Early 3rd Century)

Chapter 19:


The question is whether a believer may turn himself to military service...There is no agreement between the divine and the human sacrament or service, the standard of Christ and the standard of the devil, the camp of light and the camp of darkness. One soul cannot be due to two masters—God and Caesar. And yet Moses carried a rod, and Aaron wore a buckle, and John the Baptist was girt with leather, and Joshua the son of Nun led troops; and the People warred.


But how will a Christian man war? How will he serve even in peace, without a sword, which the Lord has taken away? For even if soldiers had come to John, and likewise, a centurion had believed, still the Lord afterward, in disarming Peter, unbelted every soldier. No service is lawful among us if assigned to any unlawful action.




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